We at Black Bean love food. After all, it is our name sake. Black Bean Culture is named after this meanest Black Bean Burger I use to make for my family. It was healthy, it was spicy, it was vegan and it had us dreaming about it on the days when we needed some love.

But our love is more than food, its about respect, collaboration and being vulnerable with the people you may be sharing the meal with. It is about tasting something with so much talent and creativity, you feel it in the depths of your heart and it is forever etched into the hippocampus.

In Ethiopia, it is a big part of the culture to share a meal together and to feed one another. To feed someone is a sign of respect and love. It is more about the people then the meal but the meal has a powerful presence. It says I love you, I care for you and I will take care of you.

That being said, as you read each post, it is my hope that you look beyond the ingredients and think about what makes each meal special.

                                                                       xoxo Eyerusalem