My name is Eyerusalem Coleman-Kitch.

I am originally from Ethiopia but came to the States when I was ten years old. I am an activist, artist, and according to my dad, constantly trippin’.

I am the sole writer for Black Bean Culture. I created Black Bean culture to talk about all the things that I love: fashion, food, technology and the daily dose of epiphanies. Back Bean Culture embodies the casual “here is a thought” writing that I don’t get to vocalize in my daily life. It is a place I can express myself and openly trash talk without getting myself in too much trouble.

Black Bean culture is a mixture of today’s hardness and yesterday’s softness. Today’s strong flavor and yesterday’s after taste. The Black Bean Culture is a mixture of ideas and philosophies. It is a place we openly celebrate our differences and meet to talk about it.

Comments are encouraged to keep the talk alive.

When you are here, you are contributing, processing and hopefully laughing.

When you leave, you aspire to contribute in a small or big way to your life and the lives of others.


Xoxo Eyerusalem